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Success in meeting an angel to get investment

by on October 7, 2010

what question should a business plan must answer: – who r u? who is part of your team –> core competency  track record  role  where do u have expertise  how can u perform understress how do u complement each other
– how will the market response  testimony from 3rd parties –> validation – competitive situation for NOW and FUTURE – where r we in the S curve of development
– what could go wrong & what must go right – mile stone + affordable lost –> amount asked
Process of meeting an angel- finding potential investors – approaching them/get referral – prepare business plan – make first impression – preliminary review – term sheet – due diligence – negotiate – investment
what are angel interested in?
– how is the team and complementary – how can u compete against competitor- how can u evaluate the opportunities/detect pattern & trend  – do u understand the competitive environment – where is the product in the need scale:  nice to have <———–> need to have  (relatively for each target segment) – flexibility – affordable lost
************************about the characteristic from us that they r looking for – transparent – strength & weakness aware – integrity – clear vision – reliable – has drive- persistent, reply quick – not a perfectionist – good negotiator –> create win-win situation

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